Distribution Partner Account Manager, Kaspersky Lab Korea

Chief Research Engineer, LG Electronics Inc

MBA Candidate at Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management

Senior Director, Alvarez and Marsal

I spent 3 months with Don Lee's 1 on 1 coaching program. During the session with teacher, I could not only improve my English speaking and writing, but also extend the understanding on various topics such as leadership, organization, innovation, and management. I believe Don Lee's program is the best option to enhance the capabilities for professional communication in English.

Sr. Recruiter, Amazon Web Services

It was a fantastic journey with Don over the past year. The feedback I received from my coach was very informative, and I enjoyed seeing my confidence growing in my business life. The articles I read became nutritious for the business conversation. I strongly recommend the program clients that would expect to explore REAL "business English."

Partner, Kim & Chang

Don Lee & Company is an excellent business English coaching company. They have professional services with dedicated people. Moreover, they have innovative methods and skills in English coaching. 

I recommend them highly.

CEO, Founder, Paw Paw Games PTE Ltd / CSO at Appnori Inc.

I still get trained by a Don’s company coach. I realized that I needed to improve my English skill to win in the international business environment, and regular training by Don’s company was so much helpful. 

It is why I keep being trained by Don’s company.

Head of HR, Boston Scientific Korea

I definitely recommend Don Lee’s English program especially to multinational companies as an effective Business English development program. 

Based on my experience and our employees’ feedback on this program, I can say that Don Lee’s English program is differentiated from many other English service providers in the following 3 perspectives: well-designed structure to enhance speaking capability, high-qualified English coach by rigorous assessment and training, and close follow-up by offering thorough feedback and regular evaluation. 

CEO, One Store

Don Lee and his team do their best for me and other clients. They have been diligently developing many new programs.

Head of Marketing Communications, JLL Korea

Don’s 1:1 English coach program is the top-notch English program to develop and hone your executive English proficiency. The program is closely tuned and customized to the English level and the business situation of each student with clear goal-setting.

SVP, McKinsey & Company

DL&Co is the best way to practice business expressions and manner. I’ve been paired with the coach who has been through similar career path with me so that I could get equipped with practical English skills rapidly. The unique 1-on-1 interactive coaching sessions unlocked potential for level ups. 
It is truly a joy to feel my growth using new expressions in real business scene.

Brand Communication Director, Adidas Korea

It's been already two years studying with Don. In the beginning, I had not expected this long journey with him, but after several classes I could see that the program and teacher are very different from others. Through the program, I can improve my English skills as well as insights related to my job since he matched me with one who has a similar job background. That really helps me. 
Based on my experience, I strongly recommend Don to those who want to improve their English. You will not regret your decision.

Vice President at Woowa

Don has a specialty in executive coaching, and I strongly recommend Don's training program especially for those who are eager to enhance their English skills to a fluent level. 

Don's team is composed of great language specialists from different backgrounds, and he will match you with the right coach. 
Don't hesitate.

Director, Springer Nature

I would highly recommend Don Lee & Company's program to everyone whose struggling with business communication skills. This course taught me a lot of things that I can use immediately with my work. 1:1 program is very valuable for those who are going to join the business scene.

Director, Gilead Sciences

Don Lee & Company's program was the best choice for me to enhance my English proficiency and to gain confidence in English. And through this program, I was able to meet the best coach.

Senior Associate, Amgen

Since Jan 2020, I have been with Don Lee & Company's 1:1 Business coaching program for English improvement. 
The program is so helpful for me because there are many effective tools to study English with and the right experts to lead many English learners that want to enhance their English skills.

Founder and CEO, GTR

Was a little doubtful to start the executive coaching service at first, but Don Lee & Co.'s program and members are very professional. Don matches a suitable coach after communicating a lot. I am very satisfied with the allocated coach and customized 1:1 program, and the coach motivates me keeps improving English communication as well as business insight of strategy and leadership area.

If you are looking for advanced courses for improving your communication and business English, Don is the right person to talk first. Strongly recommend to start your journey with this awesome guy and his program.

Wholesale Sales Director, Crocs Korea

I'm very confident to say from learning with the excellent coach during last 10 months that Don Lee company provides a differentiated English coaching program with professional and experienced coaches and is very dedicated to each client's demand.

That's why I introduced this program to my company colleagues and I got a really good feedback from all of them.
If you want to enjoy your journey along with learning English in your life, please don't hesitate to reach out to the company.

HR Lead, Johnson & Johnson

I believe that Don is not just an English teacher from overseas but an English philosopher with passion. He has his own way of teaching and he always differentiate the methods according to students so that most students studying English with him have benefited from the differentiation. He is different and very unique teacher in terms of “what” to do and “How” to do it. If anyone have studied English for a long time with a private tutor but has a little improvement, you’d better talk to Don for an hour and ask him how he thinks about your English. He may come to you his own idea with plan.

Engineer, Janssen Korea

I did everything about English with my coach Jaekook for a year. Words, grammar, culture, society, economy, company, etc. Jaekook has been a great guide to design my vision and future for English.
I can always follow him for a year because he always leads me to follow English easily and simply.
And he's helping me stand up on my own in the rest of the world later.
He was not just an English coach, but he was always with a friend, partner, and brother.
If someone says English is needed and I will confidently recommend it to my coach Jaekook from Don Lee & Co.

CEO, ixl Korea

Don Lee is running a very helpful English learning program especially useful for people who need to use English in their work. It has been very helpful for me too.

Executive Director leading Corporate Affairs and Communications (GR & PR), Sales, and ER, Japan Tobacco International Korea (JTI Korea)

I am truly appreciative of the quality and flexibility provided by Don Lee & Company - makes me feel I'm growing, not only in English capabilities, but also in business insights. Steven, the coach for my sessions, is amazing and such a great instructor and consultant for me. He helps me explore more opportunities in terms of career path than language itself.

Senior CRA, Covance

I've been connected with the best coach with Don Lee & Company. Fantastic!!

CMO & CBO, BPF Korea

Before I met Don, I've had so many & long experience learning english and these had turned out to be a waste of my resources. This experiences made me hesitating when I first got the information of Don & Lee's english coaching program. I thought it would be the same as the other english courses. Don gave me a chance of free trial session with full confidence and it just changed my mind as he expected. Mitch, my coach, was so experienced in many industries that he could give me various version of decent business english. And he was also a great listener so that he could adjust my sentences more appropriate and accurate based on my original thought. I was fascinated in his passion and sincerity to enhance student's linguistic skill and join the program.
He has trained me to use various idioms and expression that would really helpful to my work. Sessions are very effective and practical for real life. 

If you are frustrated with normal english course and really want to enhance your language skill, I recommend you to try Don & Lee's coaching program. You might feel the difference. I hope many people can establish their english skills PROPERLY.

Senior Finance Manager at Reed Exhibitions

Don Lee & Company is a unique and excellent business English coaching company. Their program is what I never experienced and coaches are qualified and knowledgeable in various businesses. I can enjoy studying English and discussing interesting business topics with my coach at the same time.

Solution Engineering Architect at MetLife

Personalized Don Lee coaching program supports me to organize efficient learning plan and provides the best solution to achieve my goal. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for the best English coaching program.

Director at Samil PwC

Don and his company are providing me with very high-quality and helpful English program. I strongly recommend his program.

Vice President, IMM Private Equity

He is the expert in providing strategies and motivation to improve your Business English. The greatest coach ever.

Organization Culture & Leadership, Research-Practitioner, Korea Professional Coach, ICF ACC, Birkman Method Facilitator

Don Lee & Company is the best partner to improve my English proficiency. The quality of learning experience is outstanding, particularly the 1:1 coaching program is the best fit program for me. Thanks to my coach, I perceived the errors I used to make, also was able to make smooth and natural sentences using suitable expression based on the contextual background knowledge from diverse views. In addition, his warm encouragement enables me to overcome a barrier against English and to feel more comfortable and confident. For those who want to upgrade their English skills, beyond simply learning words, to think in English, to speak like native speakers, I strongly recommend to collaborate with Don Lee & Company.

Manager, NPS

I use English a lot in business. Proficient English skill is important in my work. I believe Don Lee & Company's curriculum is well aware of these aspects. They combine up-to-date business English content with a unique coaching program. 

The instructors in Don Lee & Company can be your small talk friend, counsellor, business English coach. They sometimes, like a personal trainer, push you hard to achieve your English goal.

HR Director, Beierdorf

I have been a client of Don Lee company for more than one year. The coach and Don are the trustworthy coach as well as partner. I feel they sincerely listen to the clients’ needs. I am planning to take other various programs offered by Don Lee & Co. as well.

Marketing Director, Brainsoft

Don Lee's 1:1 English Coaching Program is very effective for learning business English. This English program is customized to the English level and the business situation of each student with interview and goal setting.

CE & Training Manager, Abbott

Don Lee & Company business English is the best program I've ever had as an English learning course. This gives lots of learning opportunities not only for developing a new language but also for strategic mindset development. My coach always provides business context with resources related to my industry.

Procurement Manager, Nel Hydrogen

I always wanted to leverage my English skillset in terms of a business situation but finding a suitable program was not easy because most of the teachers from those programs didn't have business experiences. In the interim, I found Don Lee who has been achieiving success in the business English field and decided to go with him to enhance my entire English ability. Don Lee company is really well-organized and coaches are really adept in business English specialized for specific fields. My English skillset has been leveraged and I'm sure I will be more fluent with my current coach from Don Lee com. That's why I strongly recommend you to join Don Lee com as early as possible.

Vice President, Value Partners Group

The classes I`ve took was one of the kind for business uses. I`ve done so many 1:1 English classes before, but I`ve never experienced improvement on business speaking. However, their classes are different with other classes. First, it is customized on the clients, so clients can specifically improve on their needs. Second, the coaches are from where clients` work field, so they can actually learn the sentences, words and knowledge from the field. Third, all the classes are very well organized. For example, you can repeatably practice word, vocabulary, sentences, etc. through whole class. Highly recommend Don Lee`s classes if you want to improve your business English!

Customer Marketing Manager, NAOS

I’ve been taking sessions for months with a satisfacion. My coach at Don Lee is very professional, enthusiastic and caring so the positive relationship helps me continue enjoying my journey. Thank you Don and my coach!

Senior IP Sales Manager, China & Korea, LexisNexis IP

I’ve been working at a multinational company for years. Considering working environments, improving English was always one of the to-do items, but it was less prioritized due to other daily works. Then, last year I started to think about what's the best way to improve on understanding business and leadership as well as English skills, and naturally, Don & Lee was gotten my attention.

I can say, Don & Lee has strong capabilities with excellent and dedicated coaches to deliver what people working at the global companies or looking for an opportunity abroad are expecting. Moreover, what makes me keep enjoying classes is that Don is full of enthusiasm to move forward with his clients!

I am fully satisfied with Don & Lee’s programs including my 1:1 session with Sung Hee. I look forward to seeing more to come!

Fashion Retail Management Manager, Samsung C&T Corporation

If you are looking for a special English program taking you to the next level, Don Lee & Co. might be the right choice.

I have taken Don’s English coaching program for 7months and it helped me keep learning English through the discussion on various topics including current social issues, market trends and so on. I would like to emphasize that I am satisfied with my coach Alexandra who is well-educated, has an eye for many topics. I think Don has well-organized matching process that satisfying clients.

I highly recommend Don’s English program to every english learners.

Brand Manager, Bluebell Korea

It takes time and effort to become a fluent English speaker as a non-native speaker. I have searched desperately for a perfect English program and finally found and settled down at Don Lee & Co. English skills are required because I work for a multinational company. Don Lee & Co.’s curriculums are customized to businesspeople focusing on business one-on-one session. Especially coaches are not only English tutor but also experienced professional people. While I have a class, I can deeply discuss with a coach when it comes to industry overview. I took masterclass season 1 & 2 last year. This course is really well-programmed course for improving from English skills to professional leadership skill. SSP also specific program I can find at Don Lee & Co. only. It is really good program to cultivate a good study habit. I strongly recommend all of programs to anyone who wants to improve business English skills.

Technical Leader, SK Hynix

Since I started English coaching session with Don Lee & Co. last year, I have been experiencing a steep learning curve in a highly professional system with being fully supported by my coach Jose Salgueiro. I love Don Lee's approach, which is best suited for business professionals. It provides a great coach with a more diverse and experienced background, and also very interactive coaching sessions and systematic self-study program. I strongly recommend this program to anyone who aspires to achieve a more advanced level of English.

Director, The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

This is the best program I've ever had as an English learning course. This gives lots of learning opportunities not only for developing a new language but also for strategic mindset development. My coach always provides business context with resources/materials relevant to my situation. This is the program I was looking for.

General Project Manager, POINT Engineer.Co.,Ltd

I was surprised when I met his program because I love his philosophy about learning languages, and it aligns with my thoughts. Indeed, he can share ideas with all students and evolve new programs as they need continuously. I can tell you that I'm confident and proficient more than before through Don's programs, and I'm thriving to pursue my dreams now. That's why I'd like to recommend strongly you who want to have differentiated experiences for improving your English skills.

Principal Engineer, Samsung

I had been on a long journey to seek what the best program was to enhance my English as a language and global manner. There are a lot of not only private institutes but also programs that the company provides for me, which are not the best solution or silver bullet for satisfying my unquenchable thirst. One day I saw Don Lee on Facebook and could feel his passion in terms of the valuable English program over the call and could confirm that my choice was right through the coaching program within few months. The Don Lee program for 2 years with my great coach Steve so far is definitely the best English development & coaching program and Masterclass season1 and 2 gave me a great chance for enhancement of both English skill and global leadership. I entirely recommend you to ride the ship of Don Lee program and grab the chance as soon as possible before too late.

Senior AI Technologist in BKETC, Boeing Research & Technology

I can confirm that Don Lee program was one of my best English training experiences for 18 months so far. Based on tight 1:1 coupling between the coach and myself, the program has been continuously tuned and customized for me. In addition, it was not just English coaching but also business coaching and sometimes, life coaching.

Partner/Director, TOC VISION

I started Don's Lee English coaching Program by the Don's excellent marketing policy and Don's aggressive and enthusiastic attitude.

I enjoyed 3 month business coaching program with Karen. It was great time for me not only English training but also coaching in my life. Don Lee's ERP system and Ank,i IFR and Self Study Program was great tool for continuous and systematic English Training.

During 1:1 coaching with Karen, it gave me the opportunity to look back on myself and organize what I should do before retirement.

I think this is my last chance to improve my English skill up in my life. I am planning to continue my second session with Karen from next March after some my preparation.

I hope that many people could enjoy Don's English Business coaching program.

Country Service Director, Agilent

I believed that watching a lot of Youtube will be automatically and spontaneously improving my English capability but I had to admit that studying alone has its own limitation unless if you are very self disciplined. While I have been through with 1 on 1 English coach I became to realize the power of coaching in which coach design my development plan and choose training material in accordance with my fluency level with perfect mix of reading, speaking and listening and with an unnegotiable goal to improve it to tangible next level. The most critical value of coaching will be going along with student together. I recommend English coaching for those who have similar experience of mine.

Deputy General Manager, KORAMCO REITs and Trust

I am a bit of a fastidious person, being concerned about everything from the teacher’s previous experience of English education, the subjects of the class, to administrative aspects such as time and place for each class and whether it is adjustable or not. I compared most of the language institutes’ programs in Korea and Don Lee’s program seemed to meet the exact standards of my taste. I contacted Don’s team with slight doubts at first, but my concerns disappeared very soon. I want to express my satisfaction with respect to the following 4 aspects; first, TEACHERS. Don Lee & Co. has a really good pool of various qualified and also sincere teachers. Before starting the program, I was asked to share my preferences and the manager recommended 5 good teachers accordingly. I met my venerable teacher and my match cannot be more perfect. Besides that, I participated in some free trial classes and I experienced other teachers in them. They were also very great and had various teaching styles of their own. Second, MATERIALS. The company has various themes and a sizable amount of teaching materials. My teacher always provides interesting, suitable materials in the class which I never get bored with. Third, HABIT. Don Lee & Co. provides additional tools for making a habit to study English by myself. It makes me feel that Don Lee & Co. really cares about its clients’ growth in English proficiency, and tries to support me and other clients as much as possible. Last but not least, FEEDBACK. It provides regular check-up about clients’ status. Don himself and his team are always open to get clients’ questions, complaints and requirements through direct communication. They often email me asking for a Zoom meeting or phone call to check my status, (sometimes too often,) and try to upgrade their system reflecting our opinions. I have just renewed my registration last week, and I hope my satisfaction continues.

Regional SFE Manager, APJ, Johnson & Johnson

I have been with DL & Co program about a year now. This program provides me a great value not only to my language skills but also to my career development. I've been experienced two professional coaches, and all of them kindly tailored the way to coach to my needs and demands. I would strongly recommend the program to anyone who has interests in developing English communication skills.

Regional Sales Manager, Cisco

I recommend Don Lee's English program as an effective business English development program, especially for multinational corporations. Based on my experience, Don Li's English program does not just improve your English skills but helps you build more careers and move toward higher goals in company life. To explain my case in more detail, I dare not say that I have experienced many English training programs, but these English training programs have helped me improve my work skills through advice and reviews on global meetings in my work, and these English coaching programs have been experienced for the first time because the coach has also served as a mentor for life as well as English coaching. I am currently setting higher goals with my coach for my next career and continuing on. I really thank Don Lee and my coach and I would like to recommend this program to many managers.

CEO, Airquay

One day, my friend has recommended Don & Lee to me because he knew well that I've always been studying English. At first, I hesitated to join but I already finished 6 months learning.

It's was great. The coach led me sincerely. She knew my English level and guided properly.

Now, I'm on the renewal process with happy & fun.

Executive Director, Financial Planning and Analysis, Daiso

I met Don very by accident. I started a new job at a foreign company, but it was when my anxiety started because I didn't speak English for too long. I was more accidentally on Facebook and clicked on a link after seeing Don's ad, and I found a program that was perfect for those who are similar to me. I signed up for an interview right away, and during the interview, I once again noticed how special this program was. Since then, for the first 6 months of the first session, the classes have been very fun and rewarding, and I have come back to my past without knowing. No, I found myself speaking an even more advanced level of English. I really wanted to say thank you so much.

E-business Project Manager, CHANEL

I am happy to recommend Don Lee's English program especially for people who have stuck on the intermediate level for a very long time and have no idea what to do. Having been
fine tuned each time, customized programs not only give a clear direction, motivation and confidence, but also lead to enhance overall English capabilities.

Corporate Sustainability & ESG Specialist, Samsung Life Insurance

I definitely recommend Don's English development & coating program. It is the best English training experience I've ever had and truly differentiated from any other courses. I've been getting a lot of help from my coach Mitch, who shares not only business English skills but also career & life lessons. I find every single session priceless. Thanks Don for providing this unique learning experience.


Don Lee's English program was one of my best English training experiences even though I have taken only about 3+ months so far. Don's English Blueprint program not only helped me to understand how to improve English effectively, but also taught me how to maintain motivation and achieve a challenging goal in my career. Combined with 1:1 coaching sessions, the program has been fully customized for me, which differentiates the most with any other English programs that I've experienced.

Senior Manager, Global fixed income

I have been enjoying 3+ months’ sessions with Krisitn. For me, these sessions are totally different from other 1 on 1 English lesson in that I can get all detailed feedback about my correct or incorrect oral sentences, including syntex. Based on it, I could become equipped with my own autonomous loop to fix all my sentences in both writing and speaking. I am currently developing my skills toward native speaker’s level and believe it will come true once I continue to take sessions for a while.

Patent Attorney, MUHANN Patent & Law Firm

I had my sessions with Claire for 3 months. She is so intelligent and smart so I believe that she helped me a lot improve my speaking skill. Particularly, she sent her pronunciations by WhatsApp just after I finished the session. While I listened to her pronunciations repeatedly, I could correct my bad habit for the specific words. I can definitely say that Don's English development & coaching program has many competent and passionate coaches and its program is very beneficial to those who expect to become fluent English speaker. I am planning to continue my 2nd term sessions with Claire.

Senior Planning Manager,Essence

Although many of my work related to English, I did not notice that I need to learn or study 'Business English.' But soon, I found myself I did not fully understand what others said during the meetings, which made me feel hard in the workplace. Somehow I was afraid to read long English emails as well.

After 48 sessions with Don&Lee English courses, I am now confident to read and write an email in English more than ever. Most of all, currently, I am reading long English articles by myself. That is a significant step forehead to me. Furthermore, I started to think like 'If I can read an English Article, maybe I can get the reading habit.'

Don&Lee's English course has made me study English and read books every night after work. During these six months, I have confidence in English, and I have read 49 books (although it is Korean books) and am reading English books!

External Director, Hansae Fashion Worldwide

I have taken Don's English coaching program for six months and decided to renew it for another six months. His program is professional in all aspects including coach matching and self-study program. I enjoyed talking with my coach about many topics such as business, history, etc.

I highly recommend Don's program to every English learners.

Sales Executive, Successfactors

I'm so glad that I challenged myself to take Don Lee & Co.

The English Coaching Program. My coach, Mitch, not only helps me improve my English business skills but also enables me to understand the importance of soft business skills and coach me to communicate more effectively on business and personal issues to have more impact. After all, Mitch is not my english coach, but my mentor. 

In other words, I’m getting a bigger value through mentoring in English with my mentor Mitch.

General Manager, Dyson Korea

As a non-native English speaker, English is always big burden at work place regardless working at foreign companies or Korean companies. I strongly recommend Don Lee's English coaching program. 

The biggest reason for my recommendation is Don's team is very well organized and customized for all clients. However, I don't think Don Lee's program is not only for improving English, but it is more for English coaching. Again, it is coaching. 

For me, I learned how to develop business strategies, communication skills and detail action plans from Don's team. Those who want to learn not only English but also business capabilities, I urge you should join Don's English coaching programs immediately. 

CEO, Brainsoft

I can confirm that Don Lee program was one of my best English training experiences even though I have taken only about 3+ months so far. 

Based on tight 1:1 coupling between the coach and myself, the program has been continuously tuned and customized for me. In addition, it was not just English coaching but also business coaching.

General Manager, A. Menarini Korea

I still vividly remember the date I contacted Don when I needed desperate help with my English. I was about to be promoted to a General Manager position of my company about two years ago. Looking back, that particular moment was indeed a critical transition point in my career as well as my leadership development, yet English was the most concerning area diminishing my confidence everyday. 

Don matched me with my English coach, Steve Yi who has great understanding on corporate culture and dynamics as well as deep insight into literature, history, philosophy and culture. Ever since then, I have become a very loyal client to Don and student to Steve. Meeting Steve twice a week has become my peaceful morning ritual out of my busy and hectic life. 

My key objective by enrolling myself to Don’s English coaching program was to excel level of my English fluency. But interacting with someone like my coach, Steve at such deeper level actually has brought me much bigger impact than I ever imagined. Steve inspired me to widen my perspectives and look at different aspects of people, challenges and opportunities associated with my roles at my work and in my life. 

Let me take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Don and Steve who have given me such special experience and friendship.

General Manager, Stryker

I have been with Don's program about a year now and experiencing great values to my English communication skill. 
The one thing out of many is, his program could be tailored to your needs and demands no matter what level of your English skills are. 

I would strongly recommend the program to anyone who has interests in developing English communication skills.

Futurist, Strategist, Trend Analyst, Innovator, Samsung SDS

My experiences with Don’s program can be summarized in two unique aspects. Firstly, it starts with "why," instead of diving directly into "how or what." Thanks to this initial step, I could revisit my core values for life and establish a concrete foundation that sustains my daily routines. Secondly, the program is very comprehensive and systematic in that it incorporates every element of English communication, along with well-aligned supporting tools. I could easily customize and adjust my plan to best suit my needs. 

In this regard, I would highly recommend Don's program to anyone who is determined to improve his or her English communication skills and to prepare for a more meaningful life. 

Distribution Partner Account Manager, Kaspersky Lab Korea

Three years ago, I looked back at my 13 years of work experience and consider about what I would need to be successful in the future. After much consideration, I concluded that it was necessary for me to get MBA degree to satisfy my thirst for business insight and to improve my English ability to work in the world wide. I graduated from a 100% English-based MBA course 1 years ago, but I couldn't have the business-level English I wanted. After graduation of my MBA course, I found another way to get business-level English, and that is the Don Lee’s English program. 

I already spent a year with Don Lee's English program, so I am sure it was the English program what I looking for, and now I proceed with the second renewal. The teacher who is in charge of me in Don Lee's English program not only have a wonderful English coaching skills, but also have a great business insight. He has a wealth of background knowledge about the ICT industry that I work for, so he even plays a practical mentor role on what I’m struggling with in my company’s life. And the customized class materials he send before class give me a clear direction to what i have to prepare and consider before the class. Also, his feedback and evaluation makes me a business English speaker day by day.

Vice President, SK Planet

I was looking for a course to improve my business English skills. I found out about Don Lee Co. and I am currently receiving coaching sessions by my assigned coach. The sessions are especially useful because the materials based on Harvard business review helps me to improve my business English skills based on my interest. 

I would recommend Don Lee Co. to anyone that needs help with their business English but couldn’t find the right solution! 

License Compliance Manager, Autodesk

 I am fully enjoying my session every single time. I realized my English capacity has been enhanced and improved when I had a conversation with my colleagues from all over the world! I have gained confidence! 

Don's program is trustworthy and innovative! It disrupts the traditional English learning myth. 
I am definitely satisfied with the program.

Finance Director, Boston Scientific

In my mind, program, tutor and constant exposure for usage are the keys to enhance English skills. 
My experience with Don Lee & Company has been one of the best in that regard. 

The program is comprehensive enough, Don and my tutor are passionate and dedicated.

HR Director, Becton Dickinson and Company

Don's English coaching program is definitely recommended for those who are interested in not only improving English capability but also enhancing multinational culture. Based upon my experience, I was able to obtain wide range of skill-sets; addressing key language points, useful phrases, strategies and even social dynamics.

I could say that Don's program is differentiated from other service providers in his proactive interaction with the client and his professional coaches who deliver great sessions. 

©2024 Don Lee | Business English Accelerator

©2024 Don Lee | Business English Accelerator