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Our Solution

학생의 구체적 니즈에 맞춘다
(예: 억양, 프레젠테이션, 리스닝, 스피킹, 인터뷰)

코치와 학생을 학생의 배경 환경, 니즈, 케미스트리를 고려하여 매칭

시스템과 & 지원
고객이 Intermediate Level에서 Professional Fluency로 성장할 수 있게 하는 시장에서 검증된 시스템, 프로세스, 서포트 그룹

입증된 시스템, 로드맵 및 서포트를 제공하여 한국 비즈니스맨이 실제 비즈니스 전문가와 연결되는 All-In-One 서비스

Serving over 2,000 C-Suites, Executives and Directors

General Manager - Stryker Korea

I have been with Don's program about a year now and experiencing great values to my English communication skill. The one thing out of many is, his program could be tailored to your needs and demands no matter what level of your English skills are. 

I would strongly recommend the program to anyone who has interests in developing English communication skills.

CEO -  thyssenkrupp Materials Korea

The decision to join Don Lee & Company, a few months ago, was the turning point of my English development. 

Unlike all other methods I used to learn English in the past, Don Lee & Co’s strategy to maximize English learning was unprecedented in how customized and collaborative it was designed specifically for me. I was no longer sustaining my English. I could feel I was developing. 

For the many business executives and directors out there, that have strong desire and need to improve their English but have not been fruitful yet, 
I highly recommend you to consider Don Lee & Company.

General Manager - A. Menarini

Interacting with someone like my coach, Steve at such deeper level actually has brought me much bigger impact than I ever imagined.

Senior Manager - SAP

I can confirm that Don Lee program was one of my best English training experiences.

Head of HR - Boston Scientific

I definitely recommend Don Lee’s English program especially to multinational companies as an effective Business English development program.  

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